In October 2013, the Eastern European country of Romania legalized medical marijuana derivatives. The law allows for people to have products that contain cannabis compounds rather than the green itself.

Manufacturers can apply to the National Agency for Medicines for approval to market drugs that contain marijuana by-products like resins or plant fragments.

Marijuana medicine is legal in the country, but there is no medicine based on cannabis in Romania.

Authorities say that no one has made before any application for the placing on the market of any product containing cannabis. National Agency for Medicines (NAM), whose spokeswoman Anca Crupariu, explained that there is currently no drug on the basis of marijuana in Romania, because no company has made ever such a request: “At the moment there is no request from a holder on the introduction into the country of a drug based on the extract cannabis. But there is a legal basis for eventual approval after submission of an application and related documentation.”

Instead, representatives Association Marijuana Medicine Romania, which advises on patients who would like to follow treatments with products based on cannabis, blame the law unclear.

The fact is that Romanian patients suffering from a terrible disease like multiple sclerosis, not access to this type of treatment, although its benefits are recognized in several EU countries.

Not every pharmaceutical product based marijuana is legal in Romania. There is “a big difference between cannabis sativa l (hemp) and cannabis indica (marijuana). Hemp has a high content of THC and low CBD. While in marijuana, THC content is very high and low CBD, for which is prohibited. The legal limit for THC in Romania is 0.2%, so any product that contains a higher concentration is prohibited.

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