What information should you have ready for investors? Ideal information package contains a cannabis business plan, including income and cash flow statements, and a cannabis investor pitch deck.

Cannabis Investor Pitch Deck

  • A cannabis investor pitch deck is a short presentation that briefly describes your cannabis business to potential investors.
  • A number of authors, venture capitalists and startup founders have created different versions of what they consider required elements to a successful pitch presentation. Basic pitch deck slides:
    1. Project/Vision
    2. Start-Up Summary
    3. Problem/Solution
    4. Products/Services
    5. Market Opportunities
    6. Marketing Strategy
    7. Sales Forecast, including yields forecast
    8. Management Team
    9. Financial Projections
    10. Funds Request and Use of Proceeds
  • Decks should be as concise as possible, you should give your 10-15 slides in twenty minutes, to ensure your audience remains attentive and engaged. Rather than reading off the slides, use the deck for supporting visual content, such as graphs, charts and key buzzwords, and develop a verbal pitch that supports the visuals. Pictures and graphs are more powerful than words here.
  • Usually, a more human interaction works better. You introduce yourself, you talk about why you decided to start a cannabis business, and you continue digging into the details in a conversational way.

For more details, a short presentation is below I gave on the essential elements of the cannabis pitch deck.



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