Cannabis in the Czech Republic is illegal for recreational use, but personal possession has been decriminalized since 2010 and medical cannabis permitted since 2013.


Illegal (possession of up to 10g decriminalized, 30g for medical cannabis)


Sale of medical cannabis legal, otherwise sale illegal


Illegal (up to 15g decriminalized/medical subject to license legal)


Illegal (cultivation of up to 5 bushes decriminalized/cultivation for medical purposes subject to license legal)

Important details were specified in by-law No. 221/2013, which came into force in August 2013. This by-law sets the permitted amount of medical cannabis at 30 grams of dry matter per month. Furthermore, it enacts the prescription procedure of medical cannabis: only special electronic prescription is allowed for patients diagnosed with one of the few explicitly mentioned diseases and the prescription can only be issued by specific medical professionals (i.e. general practitioners cannot prescribe cannabis).

However, this year, Minister Svatopluk Nemecek (CSSD) at the opening of the International Institute for cannabis and cannabinoids (ICCI) in Prague announced about an increasing the authorized amount to treat of 30 to 180 grams and expanded range of approved species of cannabis. ICCI will research the use of cannabis to treat on the basis of scientific evidence and the experience of patients.

Medical cannabis licensing

Any company, that wants to grow or import medical cannabis, needs to obtain a state licence in the State Agency of cannabis for medical use, which operates under the Drug Institute.

From March, 2016 Czech cannabis is available in local pharmacies. Domestic grower has supplied to pharmacies under contract over 40 kilograms of medical cannabis. Czech base price of cannabis is 68 crowns per gram by the grower offered under a contract, to the costs for distribution and storage of 9.75 crowns and the resulting price increases ten-percent VAT and a trading margin. The price of foreign cannabis was 300 crowns per gram.

Medical examinations and electronic prescriptions

Since January 2015, currently it is registered eight doctors and 16 pharmacists. Treatment of cannabis is allowed by law to relieve the symptoms of patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis or AIDS.


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