You can start cannabis cultivation, cannabis dispensary, cannabis processing and testing business in Massachusetts. Cannabis delivering business are not allowed at this time.

Licenses will cost a $3,000 non-refundable application fee, plus $15,000 for a Cultivation, Processing and Dispensary, $10,000 for a Testing license.

After June, 2018, the commission shall issue licenses by lottery among qualified applicants. If cannabis control commission fails to adopt regulations necessary for implementation before July 1, 2018, each medical cannabis dispensary can sell recreational cannabis to adults 21 and older.

There will be a maximum of 75 manufacturers until October 2018 and a max of 75 cultivators until October 2019.

Registered Medical Dispensary (RMD)

To begin the RMD application process, an applicant must submit an Application of Intent.

Process for Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Licensing

When the Cannabis Control Commission receives an application, it will send a copy of the application to the city or town in which the cannabis establishment is to be located. It will then determine whether the applicant and the premises qualify for the license and has complied with this chapter. Within 90 days, the business will be issued an appropriate license, or be informed of the rejection, along with an explanation.

Existing medical cannabis businesses will receive priority licensing, but that preference ends in 2018. If the Commission hasn’t provided for commercial retail by 2018, the existing medical cannabis dispensaries can serve all adults until they do.

Localities can regulate time, place, and manner no more restrictively than medical marijuana is regulated. Localities can limit the number of establishments, but complete bans or limits below 20 percent of off-site alcohol sales licenses or limits below the number of medical marijuana establishments must be approved by voters. Localities can establish nuisance ordinances to restrict cultivation and to restrict signage.


Any city or town may impose a local sales tax upon the sale or transfer of cannabis or cannabis products by a cannabis retailer operating within the city or town to anyone other than a cannabis establishment at a rate not greater than 2 per cent of the total sales price received by the cannabis retailer as a consideration for the sale of cannabis or cannabis products.

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